Bottling Day at Cantara Cellars
The bottling line starts at 8:00 AM. and will run throughout the day. Come when you like, and stay as long as you like. All Cantara Cellars club members, friends and family are welcome. Lunch and a glass of wine will be included. This will be a full day of fun and wine. The cost is $20.00. Pay at the door. Please adults only. No reservations required!If you come to help; wear sturdy closed toe shoes.

If you’ve never seen a mobile bottling line, it’s a unique experience. Come learn about this state of the art,$1M, bottling line.
Have you missed Franknvine,or looking forward to our 12 Malbec, Reserve Chardonnay or the 12 Petite Sirah? Well wait no more.
For those of you that purchased Pre-Sale, those wines will be available for pick up.
Bottling line up:
12 Petite Sirah
12 Malbec
13 Reserve Chardonnay
12 Franknvine
If you’ve never seen a $1M mobile bottling line in action then you’re in for a real treat. It’s fast paced and very exciting…come learn about this process.

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