Cantara Cellars started in 2005, long before we opened our doors to the public. Weekends were spent at a Custom Crush facility learning and helping the winery with our wine.

Mike and I worked together for years in our manufacturing jobs, so working together making wine felt pretty natural.

There is always going to be differences of opinion. Having been married for 25 years, we know what is truly important and what isn’t. It’s all about the compromise, or as we say, “Keeping our boundaries”.

Mike manages the wine making and I run the tasting room. Certainly I assist with winery duties from time to time. Mike and Jesse are called up to assist in the tasting room from time to time, but we have our boundaries and for the most part, make the decisions within those boundaries.

There are a couple of exceptions. When it comes to wine making Mike and I do agree on the finished blends. Also he is very involved when it comes to the accounting end of the business.

We love working together and hope one day we can both work the winery full time.

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