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The Camarillo & Lodi Connection

We’re often asked “You’re in Camarillo, why does it say Lodi on your label?” The front label on a bottle of wine states where the grapes were grown. The back label says who and where the wine was made.


  • Mike, our owner and winemaker, grew up in Lodi where his family has lived since 1847.
  • Mike’s parents own and farm 28 acres of premium Chardonnay on what once was his grandparent’s farm.
  • Lodi is 65 miles southeast from Napa and grows over 69 fabulous wine grape varieties.
  • Lodi has been a major wine grape region for over 150 years, with commercial production beginning in the 1880’s.
  • Lodi has a fine Mediterranean climate perfect for grapes, where temperatures between June and September average a high of 90°F and an overnight low of 56°F.
  • We source world class Lodi grapes from people we know and trust to deliver great fruit year after year.

Vine to Bottle Video Series featuring our 2010 Old Vine Zinfandel

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